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Data acquisition

The use of industry-leading platforms enables efficient gathering and aggregation of information from almost any online or offline source.

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Cloud Solutions

We specialise on delivering data management and data analytics solutions using AWS cloud platform. We believe it is cost effective and technologically advance solution for an agile business.

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Visualisation is a powerful tool to help you to understand data. We can generate high-level summary graphs, plots, maps, 3D snapshots to present and interpret your data.

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Data analysis

We analyse the data using sophisticated statistical and machine learning algorithms to determine trends, clusters and hidden behaviour in your data. We can make sense of large datasets.

Business Intelligence

Big Data makes business intelligent if you know how to extract knowledge from data.
Big Data and Cloud Computing

Governance and self-service analytics

The cultural gap between business and technology is closing. The data governance helps to nurture a culture of analytics and meet the needs of the business.

Data integration

These days companies want agile analytics, which means getting the right data to the right people, and quickly. This is no small challenge, because that data lives in many different places. Working across data sources can be tedious. Data integration make a huge difference. The right tools will connect to each data set where it lives and combine, blend, or join with more agile tools and methods.

Make visual analytics into a common language

Visualise data to explore questions, uncover insights, and share stories with both data experts and non-experts alike. Visual analytics serve as the common language, empowering people to reach insights quickly, collaborate meaningfully, and build a community around data.

Cloud data and cloud analytics

Embrace the cloud. Putting data in the cloud is easy and highly scalable. Cloud analytics allows business to be more agile.

  • Collect data from online and offline sources

  • Store and aggregate data in a compute cloud

  • Visualise data in a meaningful way to understand your data better

  • Analyse the data using advance statistical and machine learning algorithms to extract knowledge and intelligence

Why us

We are a small team of experts with PhD's and many years of research and industry experience in data and software. As scientists, we understand the nature of data. As software experts we are able to develop a solution for the most challenging data problems, and can help you to make sense of your data.

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